Recycling Programs

As you may know there are not many places here in Colorado Springs to recycle empty glass bottles.  We at Wine Punts are trying to do our part and have several recycling options that make it easy for you:


Recycled Drinking Glasses


1) Simply drop off at our location during normal hours of operation 7:00am - 3:30pm.  We are always happy to help unload.

Wine Punts LLC
30 West Las Vegas St
Colorado Springs CO 80903

2) Schedule a pick up! 

If you have more than 5 cases of wine bottles we would be happy to pick them up.  Just contact us through one of the options below:

  • EMAIL -


3) Hospitality

If you have a consistent flow of wine bottles and would like to become apart of our weekly pick ups, contact us and we will be happy to ad you to our list.