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About Wine Punts


Founded in 2006, Wine Punts is one of the few companies that produce these unique drinking glasses. We convert everyday wine bottles into a Wine Punt (drinking glass). Wine Punts is also dedicated to improving the environment by recycling thousands of wine bottles that get thrown away each month. Wine Punts simply cuts a wine bottle in half, using the bottom half as the drinking glass and recycles the top half. Every Wine Punt is hand made and inspected to obtain a high standard of quality control.

Wine Punts is located in Colorado Springs. All the bottles converted into Wine Punts come from local restaurants wanting to make a difference in the world by recycling.

Offering two different sizes, and an array of different colors, Wine Punts can satisfy any customer’s taste or style. Anyone who loves wine will enjoy a set of Wine Punts drinking glasses in their home.



We offer several wholesale programs. If you’re interested in carrying Wine Punts in your restaurant or retail store feel free to contact us for more details.

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