Punt: The inverse indentation at the base of a wine bottle.
Wine Punt: A wine bottle cut in half and used as a drinking glass.

The "punt" of a bottle is the indentation at the base of the bottle. In the old days, when wine bottles were each made by hand, it’s very likely that the punt was a result of the glass making process - but of course experienced glass makers would have been able to "fix" this before the bottle was done, and flattened the punt. Why didn’t they? There are a variety of theories about why finished bottles had punts. It’s important to note that nobody knows for sure :). The explanations below are argued about endlessly at wine events.

For Champagne and sparkling wine, the indentation helps to give structural integrity to the bottle, which has to be pretty strong to hold the pressure of the bubbly wine. Also, it helps the bottles stack if you are putting them one on top of the other during the second fermentation stage.

Recycled wine bottle glasses, also known as a wine punt, are simply a wine bottle converted into a drinking glass. The punt in the bottom is what gives the name for these recycled wine bottle glasses. Wine Punts mission is to create a quality product that makes a difference in the world, and we are doing it one bottle at a time.